10 Female Empowerment Songs

In honour of yesterday being International Women’s Day, this week’s post is dedicated to all the strong, beautiful and amazing women around the world. Here are 10 songs that serve as a reminder to all women that we are simply awesome.

From awesomelyluvvie.com

1) Run the World (Girls)-Beyoncé

This re-working of Major Lazer’s hit,  Pon Di Floor took an already infectious song and made it even better. (Who run the world? Girls!)

2) A Woman’s Worth-Alicia Keys

Don’t let this song’s relaxed melody and tempo fool you: it’s really a warning to men who don’t express their love and appreciation to their girlfriends or wives. Though A Woman’s Worth was written over ten years ago, its message is still relevant.

3) The Worst (Sail Out)-Jhené Aiko

The main message behind The Worst (Sail Out) is that wanting someone is not the same as needing someone, which is something that often comes to light when relationships start to go bad. In the song’s bridge, Jhené sings “Please don’t take this personal/But you ain’t sh*t/And you weren’t special til I made you so” which reminds us that sometimes, we place people on pedestals even if they’re not deserving of being on one.

4) ***Flawless-Beyoncé

Fresh off of her new self-titled album, ***Flawless is half club-banger, half empowerment anthem. Queen Bey asserts her position as one of the most successful women in her genre, and features a verse from inspirational writer and TED speaker, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

5) Independent Women-Destiny’s Child

Independent Women is undoubtedly going to go down in history as one of the most influential songs for women. Featured in the soundtrack for Charlie’s Angels (2000), this song sends the message that women are more than capable of being their own sources of wealth, success and happiness.

6) Bad Girls-M.I.A.

At first glance, this video simply looks like M.I.A. has a soft spot for stunt driving and deserts. But, aside from the its messages of female sexuality and empowerment, this video was actually made in solidarity of the Women to Drive movement.

7) Gossip Folks-Missy Elliott

The vast majority of Missy’s songs talk about female sexuality and empowerment, and Gossip Folks is no different. While Missy is talking about being the subject of gossip on a big-scale, celebrity level, most of us can relate to being the subject of mean-spirited chatter. In this song, Missy lets her success speak for itself and doesn’t let the haters get to her.

8) Stop-Spice Girls

You can’t have a list of female empowerment songs without including at least one song by the Spice Girls. Here, the iconic British girl-group tells a guy that he’s moving too quickly in the relationship, with an underlying message that says women shouldn’t be afraid to speak up when they’re not okay with something.

9) So What-P!nk

After her temporary split from husband Carey Hart, P!nk channeled her frustrations into this song. While most of us can’t relate to being in a rocky celebrity marriage, we can relate to a bad break-up. Lines like “So, so what/I’m still a rock star/I got my rock moves/And I don’t need you” remind us that regardless of what our relationship status is, we can be rock stars.

10) Roman’s Revenge (featuring Eminem)-Nicki Minaj (NSFW: contains explicit language)

Whether you’re trying to get yourself psyched up for an important event, or trying to work some aggression out of your system, Roman’s Revenge is the perfect song to add to your playlist. Nicki confirms her rap-star status and addresses her haters in one fell swoop in this song. Plus, it’s ridiculously catchy (and Eminem’s verse is on fire!).


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